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Everybody watches porn. There are some men who get addicted to it. Addiction to porn is one of the reasons why men are unable to develop erection during their sexual intercourse. It is because porn makes these men tolerable to that extent where they are unable to bring out that excitement in them.VigRx Plus Is The Best Male Enhancement Supplements in UnitedStates, They use up all their energies and excitement in watching porn and when it comes to performing during actual sex encounters, they are a failure.

If you are unable to figure out whether you are a porn addict or not, these symptoms will help you with your answer. The symptoms are as follows:

  • Inability to form lasting social or romantic relationships
  • Extreme feelings of shame, isolation, and loneliness
  • Breakdown of relationships with friends, family and/or significant other
  • Loss of many hours – even days – to porn
  • Lack of interest in non-porn activities, like work, school, socializing and obligations
  • Problems at work or school, including negligence of duties and use of equipment to access porn
  • Financial problems
  • Legal issues, which may arise from illegal porn use
  • Porn consumption with alcohol and/or drug abuse
  • Physical injury from chronic masturbation (yes, you can injure yourself)
  • Sexual problems with ‘real’ partners, including erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation  and inability to climax

However, you are the best person to answer it to yourself whether you are a porn addict or not. Note the time for how long you watch porn. Note your frequency of watching it. Note if you are masturbating to it or not and if it is affecting your real sex life or not. If it does, then, you are in a serious problem. Getting addicted to porn adversely affects a healthy sex life.

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Now when you have figured out that you have an addiction to porn, you should not hide it. Some men are scared of talking about it. They feel shame when it comes to confronting the truth that they are porn addicts. Don’t hide it because you are not the only one who has this addiction. The numbers are many. You need to talk to someone. Tell them about your fears and everything that you feel. Take the help of a counselor. Let them know that you want a way out from this.

Don’t let porn win over you. Don’t let it drive your real sexual encounters. If it is affecting your healthy relationship, try to have control over it. Don’t let porn to show its power to you. You know what you want from your real sex life. Order VigRX Plus for Happy Sex Life it a Herbel Product. You know that you can change to give your 100% in trying to get away with this porn thing. Find out the causes that made to switch to porn and try to fix them. If you know that you are not good at intercourse, accept it. Nobody is perfect. There are ways to cure your inability during intercourse. Porn is not an escape. Your goal should be to look like a guy who doesn’t take porn seriously. You must have heard it right “we are what we do” and I am sure nobody wants to be a porn!

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